Griegakademiet 3. desember 2011

Trond Lossius og Bergen Barokk i Brudd. Flate
Trond Lossius, Siri Hilmen, Frode Thorsen og Hans Knut Sveen.

Håkonshallen 4. september 2011

Frode Thorsen og Hans Knut Sveen i samspill med Trond Lossius’ lydinstallasjon “Lines converging at a distance” i Håkonshallen, Bergen, 4. sept. 2011 under Bergen Middelaldermusikkdager.

Nel pensar che sei l’oggetto

Marianne Beate Kielland and Hans Knut Sveen in duo:

“Harmonischer Gottesdienst” vol. 3

The photos used for Volume 3 of “Harmonischer Gottesdienst”, released January 2011.
Mona Julsrud, Frode Thorsen, Thomas Boysen, Markku Luolajan-Mikkola, Hans Knut Sveen.

“The badminton video”

This was in a break in recording session where there happened to be an ad hoc badminton set in the corner of the studio. It just came out as a immediate and natural thing to combine racket and menuet playing…